There are a myriad of amazing nail art designs out there to draw inspiration from but that doesn’t mean that they all suit the current trends. Glam nail art designs are the ones that have captured the spotlight this spring 2012 season as their elegance and sophistication help exude best the essence that defines femininity.

New products and tools have enabled nail art technicians and enthusiasts to develop an array of new, ultra glam nail art designs that scream perfection. 

Our nail art guide to super glam nails for the spring 2012 season is talented nail art blogger MimiNailer, so check out her work and draw inspiration for your next stylish mani.

Add-ons have a high visual impact that accentuates sophistication and there are a variety of designs to turn towards. 

Featuring an array of colors, these rhinestones, stickers, pearls, etc, can be easily matched and applied on wet nail polish or using a special nail glue. 

Symmetry is not a must, so don’t hesitate to go bold and opt for a different add-on design featured on each nail. Apply the add-ons over a monochrome or multi-tonal nail polish as the result will be either way spectacular.

Color clashing designs are definitely hot this season as they bring a high dose of freshness, a characteristic that is predominant this spring 2012 in fashion. Using the right tools one can create color clashing designs that help achieve an eclectic look, so choose your favorite contrasting colors and let your imagination run wild. From ombre to marbled and transitional colors anything goes when it comes to your nails, so experiment and prepare to be bombarded with compliments.

French manicures are timeless and will surely be a great option to turn towards every time but if you top the designs with a soft glittery gold line and some floral motifs, the result can be amazing. Try to spice up your manicure by opting for a contrasting nail art design created on the ring fingers and/or thumbs and the effect will rise to the highest expectations. Drawn floral motifs applied on the nail polish or adhered to the nail with glue can have a high visual impact, making your nails look more romantic and in perfect coordination with the spring summer 2012 season.

Photos courtesy of MimiNailer