The new season is packed with surprises as far as nail art goes as nail care developers have gone over the top with pigments and texture, meaning nail art enthusiasts can have a blast playing with the most fantastic nail lacquer shades. With so many fantastic shades out there to take advantage of, it would be a shame to pass on the opportunity of giving your digits a glam-chic nail-over.

This fall numerous dusky shades and dark tones such as black, midnight blue, oxblood, dark green are super popular but that doesn’t mean that bright tones including gold and pink are to be avoided. On the contrary, the more contrasting the shades used to create your manicure, the more eye catching the result. Take a peek at the following nail art styles and pick your new season must try designs.

Graphic prints that hypnotize from first glimpse are perfect for the divas that want to be admired for their boldness and style and there are so many graphic prints to experiment, it’s amazing. However, because of the intricate patterns required, a high level skill and a steady hand are necessary, but if you’re looking for the easy way to fabulous nails, a Konad nail stamping kit can pose as a perfect solution.

The best results are achieved when used two or three hues in the process as the contrasting colors will make the design pop, so go asymmetric and create a cool graphic nail art design including stylish lines, circles, hearts, paisley prints, you name it as any graphic motif created on the rich nail color base will look fantastic.

If you’re searching for something that says chic, glamorous, feminine and modern, a lovely multi-chromatic nail lacquer spiced-up with some flirty details and shiny nail art accessories can definitely be the perfect choice for you. Opt for a color French tip manicure paired with a cool butterfly, a colored or monochromatic cross pattern or any other motif that you feel suits your style or opt for an all over nail polish hue spiced-up with some glitzy glam elements including rhinestones, pretty pear applications, 3D florals or any other cool find that you’ll stumble upon.

Dare to experiment and mix various texture nail lacquers such as creamy finish and mattes as the result will be edgier and will surely attract even more attention. From glittery nails to velvety finish nails, shiny and multichromatic nail polishes, the nail color polishing options are vast, so let go of any inhibitions and polish your nails to perfection using the hottest autumnal nail lacquers and accessories!

Photos courtesy of Junx-Higashikakogawa