What better way to beat the post-summer blues than rocking some fabulous nail art? It seems that celebrities are also obsessed with the latest beauty craze and we’ve spotted some inspiring designs on the red carpet! Indulge in the on-trend nail art sported by pop princess Katy Perry, Disney star Vanessa Hudgens and G.G. fashionista Jessica Szorh and draw inspiration for your next mani session.

Vanessa Hudgens Glam Nail Art 2012

Rhinestone studded nails featuring metallic pigments are the ultimate style statement. Vanessa Hudgens adorned her nails at the 2012 Venice Film Festival with a mix of pretty motifs like stars, flowers and crosses on a shimmery silver base. The contrast kicks up the visual impact, but the beauty of her nail art lies in the uniqueness of each and every nail.

Jessica Szohr Ombre Nail Art 2012

We’ve all seen the ombre trend everywhere this year from hair to clothing, even nail art. Jessica Szohr’s take on the ombre nail features some extra sparkle that really make her nails pop. The effect of purple fading to blue is a pretty background to the glitter flakes. If you love glittery nail art, but you strive for something more feminine and romantic, switch up the colors and pair creamy whites with ballet slipper pinks, pastel blues or powdery nudes on the tips.

Katy Perry Nail Art 2012

Gothic inspired nails are well in vogue this fall season and the fashion scene is packed with elements that signal the comeback of dark, edgy aesthetics. The approach is much softer when it comes to nail art as singer Katy Perry demonstrated at the 2012 MTV VMAs by sporting a Gothic-inspired manicure spiced up with feminine floral motifs and eye-catching glitter.

Photos: Getty Images