Multi-colored nails created a real upbeat on the red carpet and the runway. If you want to flash your fondness for versatile and bold manicure styles, consider a few of these inspiring examples. The girly spring nail art ideas offered by the A-list Crystal Nail blog serve as the best manis you can rock during the sunny season. Make a new beauty resolution and promise that you’ll pay special attention to the flawless condition of your nails.

Take a tip from professional nail painters and start your makeover with a gorgeous nail design which brings out the most of your creativity. Choose shades that suit your skin tone or create an eye-popping contrast. Consider your mood and your purpose with this manicure session. Limit yourself to pastels and neutrals if you’re preparing for a working or school day. However, if you’re ready to embrace an ‘all-eyes-on-me’ attitude at a party event, it would be wise to pull off a stand-out nail art style.

Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art

Nails are fashionistas’ favorite plaything. By wearing a statement manicure design they only strengthen their reputation as real trendsetters. Follow their footsteps and draw inspiration from these ultra-modern nail designs. Use stickers, glitter, beads and other accessories to complement your colorful manicure.

Rock a two-tone or technicolor nail style which suits your nail length and skin tone. Flirty and colorful manis will be huge this season! Raid your local beauty store and purchase your favorite nail polish shades. Stay on-trend with the newest nail varnish collections released by first class cosmetic brands. Combine various hues to create a harmonious and professionally-painted nail art style.

spring nail Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas

Despite the importance of diversity, you can also explore the many variations of one gorgeous manicure trend. See the fab set of animal print nail styles, block-colored manis and nail styles which work with neon hues. Come up with brand new ideas on how to improve these mass-merizing nail painting techniques. As seen on the red carpet and voguish runway shows, a refined nail art style can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas