The nail art world has expanded its limits to the point nothing seems impossible anymore, giving nail art enthusiasts the chance to find the styles that match their personality perfectly while still sticking to the new season trend guidelines. Opting for stylish nail art designs is a must for the modern honeys as perfectly polished digits have a great impact over the overall look.

The options are limitless as are the hues that you can turn towards to take your nails out of the ordinary, so get stylish and give your nails a total nail-over by following in the path of these stylish nail art ideas.

When it comes to your digits, nothing can scream attention and femininity more than a monochrome nail polish spiced-up with some of the most spectacular rhinestones, gems and tiny pearls. They are the most popular add-ons that you can turn towards to turn your mani in a spectacular one without barely any effort, so get your digits all glamorous by adorning your fave autumnal nail lacquer pigments.

The patterns can be displayed according to personal preference from oblique patterns to asymmetric styles, centered or side-styled patterns as any option you choose will look amazing. 

Use silver, gold and blue tone add-ons as they work perfectly with the new season nail polish color trends, so get creative and let your nails sparkle at any event!

Pretty patterns such as graphic, marbled and floral motifs look super cute and can definitely turn your digits into show stoppers. These motifs look best when created on every other finger, as opposed to an all over nail art meaning you can infuse a monochromatic pattern, a French-tip nail art or a half-moon manicure style among the patterns to underline sophistication, edginess and style. Asymmetric nail art designs that reveal an exquisite color blend will make your nails pop, so use a nail art needle to create cool overlapping color patterns, turn towards water manicure or nail art brushes to create intricate color swirls and floral motifs as these tools stand at the base of modern manicures.

Glamor unlimited can be achieved with your nails using glitter. Glitter nail polishes or glitter dust applied on a wet nail polish are super popular this season as they can help get your nails a red carpet worthy allure without too much effort. Glitter-up your tips, go ombre or opt for an all over glitter or half-moon mani in which glitter will outline the color that exposes only the lunula. The options, when it comes to glitter, are endless, so let go of any inhibitions and create a glitter color explosion on your digits using your fave hues.

Photos courtesy of Eric-Assetta