Start designing your own manicure prints based around your preferences and personality. The nail polish colors you love fused with the newest shade trends from the industry will make up the most stunning nail styles. Express yourself by sporting a nail art that’s both inspiring and will leave your entourage breathless. Crown your formal wear or casual chic apparel with a similar accessory that seems to never go out of fashion. On trend designs as these funky-fresh French nail art ideas will always provide you with emergency beauty tips and will advise you on how to polish your appearance and make a dazzling style manifesto.

These glam manicure designs were spotted on everyone from Celebsville. Breaking with the tradition of textbook style French manicures is the first step towards revolutionizing your beauty rituals. Prepare the canvas for nail painting, using the high class cosmetic products or homemade treatments. Then you can grab your nail kit with all the too-cool-too-miss shades included in your personal nail varnish collection. From metallic to neon and dapper pastels, all hues are included in the hottest nail lacquer collections of the moment. Pick out your favorite colors that complement your skin tone and nail length. Those who wish to cover all the ‘it’ manicure trends should definitely drop a glimpse at the inspiring manicure models presented here.

Setting the perfect blueprint for an up-to-date manicure style is more than just applying a simple coat to your nails. French nail art allows you to experiment with a multitude of designs. Tint the tips of your nails with vibrant hues and decide upon the most flattering style. Use polka dots, bows, stripes and any other abstract patterns to enhance your nails with glamor. Lady-like manicure styles are hot if you wish to emphasize your flirty style. On the other hand, those who are keen to show off their cool kid from the block allure will also have the chance to indulge themselves into a more experimental and cutting edge adventure in the world of eye-popping nail designs.