Modern nail art devotees already know the visual impact a similar accessory can add to their appearance. The hottest nail polish formulas will give you the chance to bring out the most of your nail length and shape. Put your creative skills to a fab test and experiment with some of these funky fresh nail art trends 2012.

Take a closer look at the cutting-edge and ultra-voguish manicure designs envisioned by the owner of the popular Never Too Much Glitter beauty blog. Skim through the most impressive nail designs that can be easily applied on your perfectly sculpted nails.

Polka Dot Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Become an expert in the newest nail painting techniques and use your handiness to wow your friends with a gorgeous manicure. Invest in a high quality beauty kit which includes a rich palette of nail varnish shades and the best polishing tools. Take action now and don’t let monotony sneak into your daily routine. Draw some inspiration from these amazing mani models. Use extra tools like: stickers, beads and glitter to glam up your nails and rise above the crowd with your original style sense. Choose from a wide repertoire of statement nail trends that can be easily incorporated into your signature looks.

Lovely Nail Art Floral Nail Art Bow Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

Fruits, floral elements and other popular prints can be used to decorate your nails with. Visit a beauty salon or save money by doing your ow manicure at home. Get super-polished nails using the latest varnish formulas. Guarantee the long-lasting effect of your manicure by preparing the canvas with great care. Cleanse and moisturize your nails properly in order to save yourself from a beauty meltdown. Complex nail designs are for the ones who are not afraid of rocking a statement manicure. On the other hand, you’ll find also simple and classy trends you can adapt to your preferences.

Rainbow Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Floral Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

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