The vibrant and colorful manicure trend is still going strong. Indulge yourself into a fabulous and fun makeover by embracing an unconventional beauty routine. Let your nails help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Use only high street nail polish formulas and the best tools to define the shape of your nails. The following funky colorful nail art ideas 2012 will definitely inspire you to make small changes in your appearance. Leslie from the beloved Animal Print Nails Animal Print Nails Animal Print Nails Animal Print Nails

Animal prints were crowned as the ultimate too-cool-to-miss nail designs of the moment. Zebra, leopard and giraffe prints can serve as the perfect accessories to dress up your nails with. Draw some inspiration from these cute manicure models and try your hand at the ones that suit your preferences. Work with pastel shades and more vibrant hues too, to maintain the versatile vibe of your look. All fashionistas can afford a statement. Therefore join the armada of glam divas by tinting your nails with a cute shade.

Cartoon Nail Art Cartoon Nail Art Cartoon Nail Art Colorful Nail Art

Cartoon characters and polka dots radiate a joyful attitude towards beauty trends. Show off your love affair with playful manicure designs with these cute designs. There’s nothing more amazing than trying all these funky fresh nail art trends that prove to be the best accessories to complete your party-chic look. Use a versatile color palette together with different stickers, glitter and beads if you wish to take your nail painting skills to the next level.

Colorful Nail Art Polka Dot Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

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