This season is about beauty experiments. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start collecting the most inspirational and voguish manicure designs you’ll rock in the future. Invest in high quality nail varnish formulas along with a cool mani kit which includes all the necessary tools to sculpt your nails. The funky and simple nail art ideas presented below are offered by our favorite beauty blog ManicMonday. Follow the footsteps of aspiring nail artists and improve your painting skills with a few easy-to-create nail art models.

Lovely Nail Art Simple Nail Art Simple Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Play with a myriad of prints and patterns you can apply on your nails. Let the nail designs you wear mirror your creativity and playful attitude towards nail art. Forget about confidence issues and start practicing the drawing of cute polka dots, simple stripes and shapes. If you want to take your manicure sessions to the next level, improve your decorative skills with more complex and refined compositions. There’s a different mani for everyone! Choose yours by considering your skin tone, nail shape and length. The color palette you can work with is almost infinite.

Simple Nail Art Simple Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Simple Nail Art

From pastels to neon shades and classy neutrals you have everything it takes to become a beauty icon. Show the perfect example on how to perk up your look in an instant. Let your nails become statement accessories by wearing an attention-grabbing manicure design. This high street blog teaches you how to play with impressive and abstract patterns which can be fused into a gorgeous nail model. There’s no need to stick to monochromatic designs if you want to go for the safest mani style. Learn the art of mix/matching different shades and shapes to pull off a universally-flattering nail design.

Simple Nail Art Simple Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Simple Nail Art

Image courtesy of ManicMonday