A true fashionista has already realized that it’s small details that make a difference when it comes to fashion and style, so if you’re a true fashion addict, you’ve probably realized the importance of perfectly polished nails. 

Go wild and put your unique style on display featuring the hottest seasonal hues as there are a myriad of fab nail polish colors out there just waiting for you to mix and match them to perfection.

 If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to your new season manicure, check out the fun nail art ideas for 2012 signed Myko and recreate or add your own touch to achieve new, unique nail art designs that will turn you into a nail art diva.

When it comes to nail art, the possibilities are endless, so why not take advantage of the vast array of nail art styles to accentuate your uniqueness and impeccable, fashion-forward style?!

To make your job easier, we’ve put together a lovely nail art selection that will make your nails sizzle this summer, so dare to recreate each look using your favorite nail polish hues.

If you wish to achieve a statement manicure, a gorgeous thematic nail art design will surely do the trick. Turn towards cartoon inspired nails, movie inspired nail art, religion, nature or any other details for inspiration as this will enable you to shine every time. Hand-painted quotes and stylish add-ons will surely add a bit of an edge to your mani, so go wild. The best theme nail art designs are the ones that feature contrasting colors as they underline and emphasize best a sophisticated nail art design.

A simple all-over nail polish can be a bit too simple, so if you’re looking to add a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your mani, stock up with nail art stickers, hand-painted details or Konad stamps. Contrasting colors, stylish prints and fab 3D add-ons can pose as the easiest option to spice-up the look of your manicure without too much effort.

Use pretty pastels and neons to give your nails a super fashionable look that will not go by unnoticed as these are the most popular hues of the season. Go for sheer, high pigmented or shimmery nail varnishes as they are all very popular. Opt for a tie-dye effect, an ombre nail polish hue, a stripe color mix as the possibilities are endless and since pastel colors collaborate perfectly, you’ll achieve a fab nail art look effortlessly. If you’re all about elegance this summer, you can turn your attention towards timeless French manicure styles that you can spice up using gold shimmer. This is a super popular combo that will make heads turn at any event, so give every style a try to find your perfect match!