The new nail art designs have a very sophisticated style, a style which stands out and which attracts a generous amount of attention. It is amazing how much a fabulous nail art design can improve the aspect of your hands, so don’t hesitate to learn to do your own manicure or turn to a professional for a flawless nail art design.

There are a variety of sophisticated nail art designs in 2011 to choose from and this means one can select a sophisticated nail art design which not only suits your nail shape but your style as well. For this you can choose the desired nail polish shade or shades and create a nail art which you think represents you. To ensure you choose right, we have put together some fabulous sophisticated nail art designs for 2011 to inspire yourself from as they look amazing.

French nails look amazing and will never go out of style, but if you are looking for a sophisticated style, you can give your French manicure a little bit of a twist by turning towards rhinestones, glitter or other designs which will be paired with the French style. There are a variety of designs which incorporate another design into the French manicure so you can opt for a different style every time you wish to avoid adopting the same nail design every time. You can also opt for a colorful French tip if you wish, as either styles, classic as well as modern look amazing.

Nail art designs which feature hand painted details are the hottest and the newest trend especially when it comes to gel/acrylic nails. These designs are highly sophisticated and require a generous amount of skill to be created. However, the result is well worth the effort and there is nothing you cannot do with the right professional nail art brushes. Create lovely flower nail art designs or lines, butterflies, you name it as your options are not limited.

Flowers are the must have when it comes to the spring summer season as they boost the femininity of your nails and suit the season perfectly. There are a variety of flower species to inspire you in your floral nail art design, so there is nothing that you can’t do. You can opt to paint your flowers on, add dried flowers between nail polishes or create a 3D acrylic flower. Whatever your choice, flowers will look lovely on your nails regardless of your color choice.

Nail art designs which feature a 3D effect as well as lace and rhinestones look amazing and receive a touch of modernism. These 3D nail art effects can be created on or they can be just applied as they can be purchased depending on preference. There are a variety of designs, so go cute with fruits and flowers or bows or go glam with lace and rhinestones, either way your nails will radiate sophistication!