The new season is all about playing it up with color whether it’s fashion or nail art you’re talking about and since style has permanently incorporated the need of ever-perfect colored nails, we’ve put together a gorgeous selection of fun colored nail art ideas to draw inspiration from this summer season.

Perfectly polished nails help give the finishing touches to your look, so underline your uniqueness and fun-loving personality by playing with some of the season’s hottest nail polish hues and displayed in the most intricate manner featuring the latest nail art trends. 

The following fun colored nail art ideas for summer signed by Nail Salon Splendide are a perfect example to follow this season if you’re aiming to become a nail diva, so browse through the designs and try to recreate your favorite styles featuring your favorite summery nail lacquers.

Color blocking can be a perfect choice if you’re looking to achieve a lovely nail art design with a bit of an edge. Use your favorite pretty pastel nail lacquers to achieve a fab color blocking nail art design as the result will surely make heads turn. 

You can opt to style a two tone inverted half moon manicure, a color blocking half moon mani or a straight line color blocking design as either way your manicure will look superb.

To achieve a perfect finish draw a perfect smooth line using a glitter nail polish over the transition point of you color combo and finish the look using a clear top coat, simple or UV as this way your nails will receive a super stylish shiny finish.

An irresistible dose of romanticism can also be achieved through your manicure and one way to achieve this look is by turning your attention towards stylish floral motifs. There is an array of techniques you can turn towards to achieve your desired floral nail art designs, so give floral nail art stickers, acrylic paint or Konad stamps a try as they can all achieve flawless results. Choose vintage floral prints of go for edgy 3D acrylic floral add-ons as either way the result will be mesmerizing. There are endless styles and color combos you can turn towards to achieve the perfect floral manicure, so experiment and find the styles that suit your personality best.

This year certain nail art details have managed to reach an all-time high when it comes to popularity, so don’t hesitate to give these details a try as they can all spice-up your manicure in an instant. These details are colorful bows, stylish stripes and pretty polka dots, so dare to go wild with these stylish details as they are all magnets for compliments!