This is the perfect moment for fabulous developments when it comes to your beauty regime. Try your hand at a myriad of intriguing manicure designs to liven up your look for next year. Save money and time by creating your own nail style using the best tools and high class products.

Beware of low quality nail varnish formulas which can sabotage the long-lasting effect of your mani. The following fun and simple Konad nail art ideas were designed for professional as well as rookie nail artists. Be a real beauty siren by copycatting some of the exquisite nail designs offered by the oh-so-gorgeous ChitChat Nails blog.

Fun Nail Art Simple Nail Art Simple Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Konad nail art uses one of the most brilliant nail decoration techniques. Stamping is perfect to create well-defined and beautiful prints. A manicure can include more of your favorite patterns to pull off a complex and impressive mani style. Explore the infinite benefits of this painting style to sport personalized nails at different events. Combine pastels with neutrals or stick to bright and bold hues for an eye-popping effect. Choose the chromatic palette according to your mood.

Konad Nail Art Konad Nail Art Konad Nail Art Konad Nail Art

These too-hot-to-handle nail designs vary in complexity. If you’re fond of busy and attention-grabbing manicure styles, learn the art of Konad decoration from professionals. On the other hand, you can also keep things super-simple with a few polka dots and stripes. These fabulous examples offer you a presentation of some of the up to date manicure trends you can popularize throughout the season.

Konad Nail Art Konad Nail Art Konad Nail Art Konad Nail Art

Image courtesy of ChitChat Nails

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