Fourth of July nail art designs are the next best thing to wearing complete flag inspired outfits, unless that’s your thing, in which case more power to you! In case you prefer to show off your patriotic spirit in a more subdued manner, a fab manicure and/or Fourth of July toe nail art is the most intuitive alternative.

The only potential problem with this festive idea is cheesiness. Let’s face, we’ve all seen a at least a some American flag nail ideas over the years. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for this issue: choosing cute nail choices with a hint of originality.

Still doubtful that such options actually exist? Allow us to present you some of the most interesting Fourth of July nail art ideas we’ve spotted while scouring the web. Of course, the most intuitive holiday-theme project ideas is to choose fab blue, white and red nail polish tones and start envisioning a cute manicure. 

Fourth Of July Nail Design With Gems4th Of July Flag Nail Art Design

Fourth Of July Multi Nail ArtFourth Of July Stripes And Stars Nail Art

If you choose the challenging yet exciting DIY nail art route, sticking to relatively simple patterns like stripes, checkers or a reverse half moon patterns can be a great choice. Choosing nail polishes with different effects or adding different colors for a more complex vibe are some extremely simple and effective ways to take your Fourth of July nail art design to the next level without relying on complex skills or time consuming techniques which can backfire.

4th Of July Matte Nail Design4th Of July Glitter Toe Nail Art

4th Of July Nail Art DesignFourth Of July Glittery Nail Art

Of course, if you cannot help but feel drawn to complex designs or if you feel unsure of your nail art skills, leaving your Independence Day manicure or pedicure to the professionals is probably the best idea. If you choose this route, however, be sure to book an appointment sooner rather than later as holidays are synonym with jam-packed schedules in the industry.

4th Of July American Flag Toe Nail Art4th Of July Stars Nail DesignFourth Of July Glitter Flag Nail ArtFourth Of July Toe Nail Art

On the other hand, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of booking appointments but don’t subscribe to the idea of less is more when it comes to manicure, there are plenty of other choices that can be a better fit for you. The nail art industry is constantly coming up with fab innovations that make having fabulous fingertips an easy task. More and more retailers are getting in the nail art game, which means that finding cute nail wraps and nail decals is often just a few clicks away. Use these ideas to make sure that your Fourth nail art design fully reflects your style.  

Fourth Of July Glitter Nail ArtFourth Of July Flag Nail ArtFourth Of July Simple Nail Art

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