Prep your nails to reach perfection by turning towards the help of some of the season’s flirty nail art designs. The myriad of richly colored lacquers can create endless gorgeous nail art designs that will draw attention like a magnet at every event, so no wonder that women have made polished nails a definite must have.

Whether you’re opting for an ultra sophisticated nail art design or a more simple style, there are definitely various techniques or nail polish hues to surprise with a different look every time. Graphic patterns, metallics or perfectly detailed designs achieved using add-ons are super popular nowadays, so if you’re searching for new ways to update your manicure, check out the following flirty nail art designs and give your favorites a try. Blogger Colores de Carol will be our guide to creative nails, so check them out and pick your favorites!

Layers of color that create enchanting swirls or graphic hypnotic styles are not very difficult to achieve, so use your favorite hues to create a nail art design that falls far from ordinary and that attracts attention like a magnet. Use a thin brush to achieve the desired lines that give the nails the party-ready allure that makes heads turn or direct your attention towards nail art stamps as they offer flawless results without the minimum amount of effort. Color clash designs look amazing, so use contrasting hues to achieve an eye catching, flirty design that works from day to evening.

Be creative and let your imagination go wild by turning towards gorgeous drawn on patterns that have a high dose of coolness. Opt for a super chic handpainted designs if you’re talented at drawing or turn towards nail art stickers if you’re looking for perfect results with a minimum amount of effort. Nail art stickers come in a myriad of colors and designs, so you can definitely achieve a different look every time you desire. Layer the color you desire on the nail bed and let it dry before you achieve a hypnotic, fun nail art design using stylish nail art stickers.

If you’re all about glamorous nails, turn towards the help of rhinestones or metallic/ magnetic nail polish to obtain a cool and flirty nail art design that won’t require too much effort. Rhinestones stick on better to the nail when glued with a special nail art glue, but can be as easily applied over your wet nail polish and left to dry and sealed with the color. Magnetic nail polish or nail art foils are also amazing and can make your nails look unbelievably hot, so give these nail products a try and discover the beauty of perfectly polished nails.

Photos courtesy of coloresdecarol