Mix your favorite manicure trends and come up with complex nail art designs that attract immediate attention. Expand the color palette you’re working with and make a long-term beauty investment with a few high street nail varnish formulas.

In a quest for the perfect mani model, it is wise to skim through our collection of flirty colorful nail art ideas offered by one of the most amazing and rising nail artists, Emma Jane from her ultra-voguish Emma Jane Hearts Nails. Scan the hottest nail designs you can also experiment with. Let your inspiration and creativity lead you through the nail painting project.

Animal Print Nails Colorful Nail Art Flirty Colorful Nail Art Ideas Flirty Colorful Nail Art Ideas

Specially formulated nail polishes will offer you the privilege to put your nail painting skills to a fab test. Show off your trend-awareness with these cute animal prints. Unleash your wild side and feel free to load your nails with personality. Inject an extra wow factor into your manicure with extra details like studs and stickers. Who can deny the popularity of these chic patterns when it comes to runway or red carpet fashion? Embrace the newest trend that suits all nail lengths and shapes. Depending on your preferences tint your nails with vibrant hues or you can also stick to romantic pastels.

Stripes Nail Art Stripes Nail Art Stripes Nail Art Stripes Nail Art

Opt for the simplest designs if you’re at the beginning of your nail artist career. Stripes and polka dots along with tiny bows prove to be your best pals when it comes to polishing your painting skills. Practice is the key to success, therefore leave complex patterns aside and start experimenting with these easy DIY manicure trends. Check out the visual impact of various color combos on your skin tone and nails. Team up your fashion forward look with a chic manicure idea to turn heads with your radiating style-consciousness.

Floral Nail Art Floral Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

Image courtesy of missemmajane.tumblr.com