Easily reversible, ultra chic and instant fashion statement, nail art has definitely become an important part of expressing our style and personality. However, these wonderful benefits also require constant streams of inspiration for creating one-of-a-kind patterns to set us apart from the norm. Fortunately for all of us, nail art lovers out there, blogs.nailsmag.com is dedicated to bring the best in the area of nail art every day and from all parts of the world.

Getting our daily dose of glam becomes easier thanks to the many dedicated nail art experts that make the journey to finding flattering style options a lot easier. Celebrity manicures along with exciting nail art trends provide us with a myriad of choices and the multitude of interpretations make these trends truly wearable and eye-catching. Precious tones like gold and silver are highly popular in the new season thanks to the wonderful sophisticated hint that these can give to almost any manicure style.

Sparkle, bold animal prints and other types of embellishments are perfect choices if you are trying to achieve a look that will not be easily ignored or forgotten. There are a multitude of elements that can be combined in various ways depending on the type of look you wish to achieve. Romantic touches can be easily obtained with the help of lace patterns or rhinestones while animal prints can be easily combined with abstract patterns for a more complex theme.

Vibrant tones are a strong trend in fashion, so it’s quite natural to see the same tendency reflected in the nail art choices of these months. While opting for bold accessories might be an impractical or fairly risky decision in terms of style, when it comes to nail art, there are little restrictions as to the style principles that must be followed for a covetable look, thus the areas of choice are much more generous and provide a myraid of eclectic alternatives that can be personalized to choice.

Photos via Nails Magazine