The season has underlined the importance of glam nail art designs and there are plenty of ideas to draw inspiration from. Nail art enthusiasts and professionals searched the vast color palette of nail lacquers retailed today and put their skills to the test, pushing the boundaries to create innovative nail art designs that can complete the look of any outfit.

Well manicured nails are a must for a true fashionista regardless of the style option, so if you’re leaning towards glam nail art designs (the fashion trends are all about sophistication) to match your new season fashion style, check out the following selection of nail art designs as they ooze elegance and feature the trendiest fall nail polish pigments.

When it comes to sophisticated looking nail art designs with a touch of glamor, a two tone nail art design spiced-up with scintillating nail art accessories such as rhinestones, glitter dust or geometric nail art studs can be the perfect option.

Place two contrasting nail polishes on the nail in the desired pattern, going symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on the nail bed and underline the design using your favorite nail art accessories which you can easily place on wet nail polish. 

Red, dusky tones, black, gold, green and midnight blue are the most popular nail polish pigments to play with, so choose the pigments that you feel most comfortable sporting.

Prints have been huge on the runway this fall 2012 season, so obviously sophisticated patterns applied on the nails will only help push your mani to reach the highest style standards. Creating a sophisticated, glam print on the nails is definitely not easy if you’re thinking of going for handmade motifs, so practice and a bit of skill are absolutely necessary to achieve the desired look. Animal prints, graphic lines, polka dots, stylish lines and other pretty graphic patterns are perfect for the honeys that want a manicure that is chic yet packs a bit of an edge, so give your fave patterns a try and let your nails scream attention.

Not every woman feels comfortable sporting eye catching, sophisticated nail art designs, so if you want to keep your nails looking all glamorous, opt for a chic French manicure upgraded using rhinestone/glitter or opt for stylish oblique lines or neutral tone ombre nails. Try to add nail art accessories or glitter lines to take the simplicity out of the design and infuse some glamor, without going overboard and maintain that clean elegance that characterizes you.

Photos courtesy of Nail Prime