Adapting your nail art design to your personality, style as well as occasion is a must if you wish to receive praises for your fabulous style and attention for detail. Nail art designs might seem like small details, but sometimes these small details can make a huge difference and there are so many designs out there, it’s crazy. Women who adopt a more elegant style need an equally elegant manicure which will compliment their look. For these women, elegant nail art designs are the most appropriate and they are absolutely amazing.

The new nail art techniques and nail care products available nowadays have allowed the development of a myriad of nail art designs that suit different styles. From simple to sophisticated, these designs look absolutely outstanding, so inspire yourself from the following designs to boost the beauty of your hands and nails.

As incredible as it seems, simple French-nail art designs are the most elegant and tasteful option you can make when it comes to classic chicness. The white tip and shiny finish of the French manicure has helped land this design among the top nail art designs requested and we’re not surprised. French nails are timeless and suit all outfit styles, so you really can’t go wrong with this type of manicure regardless of the event. In time, variations of the French manicure have been developed, so you can choose a colored nail polish instead of the white or turn towards the help of glitter or rhinestones, the effect being equally fabulous.

Another great option when it comes to nail art is to turn your attention towards hand painted nail art and there are a variety of designs you can choose from. However, this type of manicure requires a little bit of skill as well as professional nail products, so they should be created by a professional nail art technician which is familiar with the hand painting technique. The designs created are very realistic and can give you that refined, eye-catching manicure you’ve always dreamed of (if sophistication is your style). From cool colored flowers to abstract designs, there are endless combinations you can opt for. Create your manicure with nail polish colors which compliment your skin tone for best results.

Glitter is in and if you’re all about glamour glittery nails are the perfect choice. You can now create different nail art designs which include glitter or which are created only using glitter, depending on personal taste. The glitter can be applied as glitter nail polish or dust glitter which can be used and applied over your favorite nail polish hue using a nail brush. Depending on what appeals to you most, you can go bold or subtle, but your manicure will radiate especially under light.