There are so many stylish nail art designs you can recreate yourself, all you need is a little bit of skill, the right tools and love for nail art. These are all the necessary ingredients to achieve the nail art designs you’ve always wanted without having to spend tens of dollars on a manicure. Use your favorite nail polishes and nail art accessories to create endless DIY nail art designs.

The simplest and most stylish manicure that women are crazy about, is the French manicure, which doesn’t require too much skill.

You can choose to go traditional or opt for a more modern approach and use different nail polish colors for your manicure.

If you’re a beginner and can’t manage to trace a straight tip line using nail polish, turn to scotch tape and tape the nail from one end to the other before applying the nail polish (to color the tip). Remove the scotch tape before the nail polish dries to ensure you end-up with a smooth surface.

For a more sophisticated look you can try to “spice-up” your French manicure and give it a more modern look by adding stylish details such as flowers or soft line designs in your favorite color. Create these details using a special, thin nail art brush.

You can easily upgrade the look of a simple nail art design with the help of different color nail polish lines, glitter, rhinestones as well as nail art stickers. The possibilities are endless as there are a variety of nail polish colors including nail art details that can be used to create different nail designs.Water nail art is one of the easiest way you can have fun with while creating a marbled effect with your favorite nail polish colors. All you need is a cur filled with water, a toothpick and your favorite nail polishes.

Glitter poses as a great way to glam-up your nails and there are so many glitter shades to choose from, you won’t believe it. You can select a glitter nail polish or a glitter dust which you will apply over your favorite nail polish to create the desired effect. Go simple or choose to mix and match different colors for a fun, multi-colored nail art design. Ombre glitter nails, two tone or multi glitter nails are only a few ways to transform the look of your nails. One of the latest trends in nail art is represented by crackle nails. To obtain that cool shattered nail effect all you need is a regular and shatter/crackle nail polish. Apply your favorite base color varnish, let dry then apply the crackle polish to create the coolest nail designs with just one swipe.