Those who flirt with the idea of starting their nail artist career and are in need of cool ideas to try their hand at the easy DIY nail art designs will have the chance to do it with the following chic manicure ideas. These refined looking patterns can be created with a few basic nail art tools as well as with some handiness.

If you have an inclination towards handcraft, then nail painting is the most creative beauty domain to show your skills in. Learn how to handle the various tools that will help you draw the finest lines and fabulous images.

Start with the simple floral and abstract designs if you wish to take the various challenges step by step. Find out which are some of the most simple designs to experiment with at the beginning of your road to become a nail pro.

Floral nail art is the best idea to start with as it will help you learn how to draw the fine lines and play with proportions. The simple as well as the more complex flower images look fabulous paired with long and short nails.

Those who would like to surprise their friends with a stylish manicure should ask their help to practice the various techniques.

 Create simple patterns until you’ll learn to handle the manicure tools with mastery and ease. Use more shades in order to make things more versatile and take a glimpse at the designs above that are perfect to polish your handiness and also challenge your creativity to pull off memorable and worth-admiring nail designs.

Abstract nail patterns will also serve as the best blueprint to copycat. These simple patterns created without any difficulties will help you practice the tiny lines, spots and cute designs as well as the basic shapes to be able to handle the more complex designs with mastery. Mix/match the different shades from a wider nail color palette in order to see the perfect combos to create various nail art trends. The designs showed above are some of the basic patterns to exercise with, therefore have them at hand when you start your manicure sessions. The more you practice, the better your techniques will become paving your way to success.

If you wish to step to the next level, make sure you include in your mani session the use of various nail art accessories as the glittery stick ons as well as rhinestones. These will offer you the privilege to sport glam nail designs created with great care and precision. After dealing with the practice of various shapes and fine lines make sure you also try your hand at the more complex and creative patterns. The examples above will arm you up with revolutionary ideas on how to turn your nails into a real masterpiece of modern nail art. Take a closer look at the designs and find out the best methods to pull off the look using your skills and the must have manicure tools.