This season is all about bold manicure designs. Break out of your shell and decorate your nails with the funniest and most inspiring patterns. From animal prints to dots, stripes and abstract designs, you’ll find everything you’ll need to make a real statement. Embrace the infinite color palette when working with nail polish shades. Neutrals are a matter of the past and it’s time to move on to the new season nail trends. Neons, vibrant hues and candy tones are some of the on trend colors to experiment with. Nail artists are eager to find out how far you wanna go with your manicure. Meet their expectations and flaunt your painting talent by sporting a high class nail style.

If you’re ready for some drama in your appearance, start your dapper makeover from the nails. These fabulous nail design examples are here to provide you with the best source of inspiration. Have fun while dressing up your manicure with prints and patterns together with extra nail stickers or fimo details if you wish. Lifeless nails can ruin your look, therefore make sure you think about this restyling option if you long for a change in your look. Fruit designs and rainbow stripes are here to cheer you up and provide you with the perfect transition to the newest colorful fashion trends. Complement your eclectic wardrobe with these faddish accessories and enjoy the admiring glimpses from your entourage.

There’s nothing more unaesthetic than a spoiled manicure. As a consequence, make sure you choose a nail design that suits your skills, before taking a plunge into the next nail polishing session. Devote special care to the spotless condition of your nails and secure the best conditions for the success of your nail job. Use your imagination together with color selection skills and build up the most visionary nail art you’ve ever seen.

Take a glimpse at the manicure ideas presented here and celebrate your super-polished look by sporting a high street nail trend made up of two or more colors and intriguing patterns. We’ve got all your beauty needs lined up in this chic manicure gallery. All you have to do is skim through the nail models and spot the design that best suits your preferences and personality. Prepare the canvas for a dazzling nail painting, using the best deep conditioning treatments and homemade nail spa methods. Have fun while doing some magic to your nails.