Regular nail salon trips can add up to quite the sum in a year if you do the math, so if you’re thinking of getting budget smart without having to deny yourself this particular ‘guilty pleasure’, you can turn towards DIY nail art designs as with a little bit of skill, practice, a bit of patience and the right technique, you can easily give your nails a salon-look without the costs.

A fabulous looking manicure is a must for the modern woman as perfectly polished digits can complete the look of any outfit, taking it from simple to chic, so if you’re ready to explore the vast and exciting world of nail art, take a peek at the following DIY nail art ideas and draw inspiration for your next mani.

Obviously, a little bit of investment is required as you’ll need the right nail polishes, tools and nail art accessories to work with, but depending on your preferred brand, you’ll be able to put together your own nail polish kit with the same sum you would spend on a couple of mani sessions.

One of the easiest ways to get your nails looking gorgeous without barely putting in the effort is by getting all polka dotty! Polka dots are super easy to create using a dotting tool, but if you don’t want to invest in it, you can get similar results using a toothpick dipped in nail polish. The bigger the end of the dotting tool, the bigger the dots, so apply the stylish dots randomly on bare nails or over your fave nail lacquer and your nails will instantly look so much more stylish.

You can also achieve stylish dots using spherical glitter flakes, which you’ll apply over wet nail polish one at a time. This technique takes a bit longer, but the glitter will make your nail art designs look super glam. If polka dots are not really your thing, opt for stylish paisley prints which you can create using a detailing brush dipped in acrylic paint or using a nail stamping tool featuring this particular pattern that happens to be super popular this fall.

If you’re crazy about color, you should definitely give marbled or any other color clashing nail art effect a try. Achieving these stylish patterns might seem like a challenge but they are incredibly easy to achieve using the right technique. Achieve a cool marbled effect by applying tiny random dots of your fave contrasting color nail polishes and using a nail art needle. Swish the needle creating 8 shapes as this will help mix the shades to reveal the cool marbled effect mani. Another cool nail art can be created by applying contrasting color nail polish lines and using the needle to drag one color over the other using one precise stroke. Continue along the line keeping the distance that you desire while the nail polish is still wet and enjoy your lovely mani without barely any effort. Checkered designs achieved using tape are also perfect for fall, so get creative and achieve numerous nail art styles using your favorite fall nail polishes.

If you’re thinking glam, opt to play with glitter and rhinestones and other luxurious looking nail art accessories as there are plenty out there to choose from. Opt for a monochrome nail polish hue and give it a sophisticated allure by adding cool rhinestones over the nail lacquer. If you want a more edgy mani, create a stylish asymmetric nail art and use glitter nail polish mixed with a creamy finish nail lacquer to add even a higher visual kick to your nails. Add nail art stickers such as butterflies and tiny gold/silver tone pearls to make your digits a delight to watch. Seal your mani with a top coat every time to protect your nail art and give the nail a more intense, long lasting shine!

Photos courtesy of Nail Salt