Finally, the holidays are just weeks away and that means it’s time to start prepping from head to toe. Obviously, your nails should not be your last priority, so to make sure you’re looking fab this Christmas we’ve put together a selection of gorgeous DIY Santa nail art designs you can draw your inspiration from. Yes! No more nail salon appointments booked way ahead of time to have your digits looking festive-fab. Now, you can enjoy a lovely mani & pedi session without the costs and without having to rearrange your schedule as these nail art designs are super easy to create and you can adorn your nails with festive nail art designs whenever you have the time.

DIY Santa Nail Art Must Haves

Obviously, doing your own nails requires the use of some products, but fear not, they won’t affect your budget as all you need are a few nail polishes, a thin nail art brush/striper, a dotting tool ( a toothpick works just fine as well) and acetone-free nail polish remover – just in case you need to correct your nail art masterpiece.

We suggest turning towards your fave nail polish brand and selecting a red, a white, a black, a beige-pink nail polish and a clear base and top coat to create your very own Santa nail art, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for other shades in case you want to explore your options and include Christmas trees, swirl candy or reindeer patterns in your manicure.

DIY Santa Hat Nail Art

Diy Santa Hat Nail Art

The Santa hat nail art is definitely one of the easiest Christmas nail art you can turn towards as with just a few strategically placed lines you’ll have managed to create a great looking festive manicure.

Start by applying the base coat and let it dry. This will prevent your nail from becoming yellowish due to the nail polish’ pigment and ensure a longer lasting nail art. Next, apply the red nail polish on the tip of your nail, just as you would do for a French manicure. Apply a second coat of red after the nail lacquer dried to obtain a more intense, uniform shade. Then, take the black nail polish and using the thin nail art brush/striper draw, slightly on the side of the nail, two parallel lines that curve gently, going from the middle of the red downwards until your reach the middle half of the nail. Wait for the color to dry and use the white nail polish to create the hat’s fur lining and pom pom. Once the nail polish has dried seal the design with a clear top coat for added shine and protection.

DIY Santa Nail Art Designs

Santa Nail Art Ideas

If you’re feeling a little bit more confident you dolls can opt for a cool Santa nail art. For this design you’ll also need the soft beige pink nail polish which will be used to emphasize Santa’s complexion.

Start your easy-to-do Santa nail art by painting your nails with the beige-pink nail polish and letting it dry. Next, cover the upper 1/3 of your nail with the red nail polish of your choice. Wait for the color to dry and use a totting tool dipped in white nail polish to cover the transition line between the red and the pink base color. Continue to dot downwards on both sides on the nail (a bit narrower) and then completely cover the tip of your nail in white nail polish ( the same as you would do for a French mani). Once the nail polish has dried create Santa’s eyes. Start by creating two opposite dots on the pink part of the nail using white nail polish and once the dots have dried apply smaller black dots right in their center. Next, dip the dotting tool in red nail polish and create the nose, lower and in between the eyes for symmetry!Finish by applying the top coat.

Other DIY Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Those of you who love experimenting and are far from being novices in the art of nail design can opt for other cool winter holiday patterns such as Christmas trees, candy motifs, Christmas lights and obviously, reindeer designs. Use colors that match the theme and let your imagination run wild, going for symmetric or asymmetric, subtle or bold, mixed or matching Christmas nail art designs as the options are endless.

Dare to experiment with your nails and surely your efforts will not go by unnoticed! See anything you’d like to try?

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Photos: Katy Pace, Amber Angel, Nail Art Gallerysherryholly