As spring approaches butterfly nail art designs seem more and more appropriate, so why not spice up your manicure and create a beautiful DIY butterfly manicure. Focusing on DIY projects can not only help you maintain and display your creativity, it can also help save money in the process, so you’re basically looking at a win-win situation.

Now, although creating your own butterfly nail art might seem challenging, the truth is that there are certain designs that are incredibly simple to create. If you’re a novice in DIY nail art you should focus on the Monarch butterfly nail art design as this is the easiest to achieve; no complicated shading techniques and no painstaking fine lines!

Monarch Butterfly Nail Art Designsource

So, in order to create your own fab butterfly wings nail art design you will need the following:– four nail polishes: a matte white, a black, an orange and a burnt orange shade– a clear top coat– a sponge– a thin nail art brush– a dotting tool (a toothpick works as well)

Start by painting your nails using the matte white shade. Wait for the color to dry completely before you move on to the colored nail polish application. Take your nail art sponge and line it with the orange nail polish and right under it (parallel) draw a line using the burnt orange shade. Next, tap the sponge with the colored nail polish gently on your nails, moving slightly downwards, to have the color transferred and obtain a gradient orange nail color. After your nails have dried completely, dip your nail art brush into the black nail lacquer and create an oblique semi-circular line at the base of the nail. Next, from the semi-circle draw four gently curving lines perpendicular to the semi-circle, going towards the tip of the nail. Create another oblique semi-circular line close to the tip of the nail to close the lines and fill-in the half of nail-tip that’s opposite to the semi-circles you’ve created. By now you should have a visible butterfly wings effect.

Once your nail polish has dried use the dotting tool (toothpick) to add white dots on the thick black line that covers your nails’ tip. Optional, you can apply just a few dost on the semi-circular black line that’s at the base of your nail.

Wait for the color to dry, and seal and add shine to your DIY butterfly nail art design using your clear top coat.

Monarch Butterfly Wings Nail Art Ideas

Tip: You can also choose different color combos to bring out your inner creative genius. Also, try glitter nail polish for a more glam nail art look. The possibilities are endless, so give it a try, practice and soon you’ll be the nail art queen among your friends!

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Photos: Jessy Jones, ferdak, Mary Thailand