Although there are countless possibilities when it comes to nail art, many women prefer to stick with tested designs they think are universally flattering. While there is nothing wrong with sticking with what best flatters you, thinking outside of the box and experimenting with something new every once in a while will certainly do no harm and it might even lead to some interesting style discoveries that you might enjoy. Altering the main theme once in a while can be one of the best ways to explore new possibilities when it comes to nail designs.

Going a little unconventional as far as the main theme is concerned is one of the best ways to make sure that you add a touch of originality to your nail designs. Inspiration can strike from the most unexpected places so selecting the best source of inspiration is indeed vital for the success of this type of beauty project. One of the easiest ways to start, especially if you are a hardcore fashionista is to wear your favorite fashion trends on your nails. A great example is the nautical nail art which can add a touch of uniqueness to your outfits if you chose the right designs. However this is only a simple example when it comes to what choices you might discover once you really start to explore such possibilities.

Those who think that art should be a faithful representation of real life experiences can certainly find inspiration in some of the most unexpected things. Although getting in the mood for holidays can be extremely easy if we take into account the multitude of images that we are presented on a daily basis, sometimes something as simple as a good commercial or a few favorite brands can be enough to spike our creativity. In fact considering the massive amount of commercials an average person sees on a daily basis, it is quite unusual that we don’t see expressed in this way more often.

There are several ways in which brand fidelity can be represented. One of the easiest ways to adopt this idea is to pick brands from the same industry and use representative logos. To be able to do this however you will most likely need a lot of artistic skill, patience and attention to details. If you have all these things a DIY project might prove to be a real success. On the other hand, if you are going for something truly complex having a helping hand or turning to professionals can be a much better choice.

If advertising and marketing are a turn off, being one of the things you cannot see yourself wearing you can find other interesting ways to express your personality. If you are a computer games lover or you simply have a childish side you don’t mind expressing once in a while yo might some of the styles presented below a worthwhile source of inspiration for this type of beauty project. Hobbies can be a great point to start if you want something unique that will represent your personality in a fun and highly artistic way.

Conventional holidays are already a good source of inspiration when it comes to manicure sessions so making your own holiday inspired manicure has become a non brainier. Going abstract or highly specific are two easy ways to make your nails stand out in such occasions. Another great idea is to is incorporating several symbols to be able to create a fun, girly theme. As you can see the possibilities are endless and a little bit of vision and willingness to experiment is all you need to be able to try something different and alluring.