What can we say? The coolest spring nail art ideas below will definitely make the pulse of every style fan race. All hail the hottest prints inspired by runway shows which can be applied on perfectly sculpted nails. These details will help you rise above the crowd and feel sexy no matter the event. FactoryGirl discovered the secret of taking modern nail painting to the next level.

See how amazing these manicures really are and start practicing for your upcoming nail art session. Go sultry with neutral colored nail designs which suit every occasion and help you bring out the most of both your small trimmed and long nails. Furthermore, this season you also have the opportunity to step into a colorful and amazing realm by sporting a bright and bold manicure design.

Cool Nail Art Idea Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art

It’s always fun to mix and match different nail polish shades. Pull off a classy manicure style by combining complementary shades. On the other hand, for a slightly edgier look you can take a closer peek at these amazing nail designs which illustrate the visual impact contrasting shades can make when incorporated into a new nail art composition. Embrace either your natural or wild side depending on your mood and personality.

Stripes, polka dots and floral prints are not the only trends you can experiment with. Check out the new wave of Aztec and tribal prints which look simply amazing when pierced in your nail design. Earthy tones along with candy colors create a unique impression. Define your purpose with your next nail style and find out more about your alternatives from our seasonal nail trend review.

Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art

Ahhh…notice how these uber-creative manicure styles adapt to different nail lengths. Trim your nails for a low-maintenance mani or sport the statement long nails trend depending on your beauty skills. Combine different prints to build up a more complex and attention-grabbing nail art model. Moreover, you can also team up mono-colored patterns with rainbow style elements. Studs, beads and stickers further contribute to the drop-dead-gorgeous effect of your manicure.

Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art Coolest Nail Art