When it comes to your nails, the possibilities are endless, so why limit yourself to traditional nail art designs when you can underline your uniqueness with an array of cool nail art designs that suit the upcoming summer season tendencies perfectly. With a ‘never-ending bag of ideas’ nail art blogger Nailsasya enchants our eyes with an array of fresh and cool nail art designs, so browse through the selection of lovely designs and try to recreate your favorite patterns to achieve a diva-worthy style manicure.

Manufacturers are competing to deliver the best nail varnish formulas and pigments, so dare to go bolder and play with color this season. From simple to intricate motifs, vivaciously colored or featuring a high dose of glitter glamor, the new nail art designs presented will surely draw in plenty of attention and dare you to resist them, so draw inspiration from these designs and recreate them perfectly or add your own touch to achieve a personalized look!

If you’re not the proud owner of a vivacious, fierce red nail polish, you’d better run and grab on to the best shade you find as red is definitely the ‘IT’ color of the new season. There is an array of red hues to choose from so you can find the perfect match to your skin tone, so test your favorite ones! Use your stylish red varnish to achieve an array of eclectic nail art designs using color clashing hues as this way your stylish mani will surely stand out every time. Incorporate floral prints, colored add-ons, gold glitter and even animal prints and you’ll surely manage to make your nails look party-ready every time.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your nails as there is an array of add-ons, stickers and tools that contribute to the creation of perfect and intricate nail art designs every time you choose, so grab-a-hold of your nail accessories and start blinging-up your nails. Flag patterns, flowers, polka dots, butterflies, bows, cupcakes, hearts are only a few of the most popular details you can turn towards to obtain a cool and fun manicure, so let your imagination run wild!

Another option that will instantly bring a smile to your face is glitter and the vast array of glitter pigments out there to choose from means you can achieve different glitter nail art designs every time. Choose fine glitter or go bold for oversized glitter flakes, vivaciously neon or soft, sheer colored depending on your personal preference as any option works. Opt for an all-over glitter nail art or mix and match your favorite glitter hue with a creamy, high shine nail polish in your favorite contrasting hue.

Use tones of red, blue, pink, purple, gold, yellow as well as black and white for your stylish manicure as these are the season’s most popular hues. Dare to go bold and perfect when it comes to your manicure as this is a sure path to becoming a trendsetter among your friends!