The new season is all about having fun with color when it comes to nail art designs, so no wonder that nail art enthusiasts have gone overboard to explore the wonderful and endless world of nail art designs using the hottest seasonal hues. To make sure your nails receive all the attention they deserve, make sure you experiment with the following cool nail art designs as nothing can top your stylish appearance but a stylish looking manicure. If you’re in need of some cool nail art designs to draw inspiration from, designs that match perfectly the summer 2012 trends, take a peek at the following nail art designs created by talented nail art blogger Aivita and recreate your favorite styles.

Glitter is definitely hot this season as glitzy glam pigments sizzle under the sun’s warm rays. There are endless options when it comes to glitter nail art designs, so go for all glitter mix nails, glitter french tips or glitter nails mixed with monochrome patterns that will give your nails an edgy-cool vibe that is bound to steal attention. Create your glam nail art using oversized glitter flakes, fine glitter or shimmery nail polish as either way the effects obtained will pack a heavy dose of sexiness.

Underline your inner wild side by playing up with an array of fabulous details including animal prints as they are not only easy to create but super fun and flirty as well. The best thing about animal print is that you can choose to experiment with various hues as well as various styles such as leopard, snakeskin, zebra, cheetah prints, you name it as all styles are super hot. If animal prints are not really your thing, you can choose to experiment with other stylish motifs that have increased in popularity, details such as flirty fun polka dots and kiss prints. Go for tiny motifs or oversized patterns created in contrasting hues as either way your nails will surely steal the spotlight.

Floral designs are still a season favorite when it comes to fashion and nail art as nature has inspired designers like no other this season. There is an array of lovely floral motifs to experiment with, so dare give them a try. Tiny or oversized, multi chromatic or monochromatic, hand painted or stamped on, these flirty floral motifs will not disappoint. Another great option to consider is color clashing patterns created using high pigmented lacquers, so grab on to your favorite pigments and start styling as the possibilities are endless!