Having well manicured nails is crucial for the modern woman as this apparently small detail can do wonders for one’s look, so no wonder that the nail art world has expanded its boundaries beyond belief. There’s virtually nothing you can’t do now when it comes to nail art, so if you’re looking to update your style to the new season style trends, check out the following cool nail art designs for fall and draw inspiration for your next manicure.

Using seasonal nail lacquers is a must if you want to adopt a trendy look and this season both toned down and bright hues are causing a stir. The finish of your pretty nail varnish can vary from matte (velvety finish) to metallic, creamy or glittery, so use the texture that you feel suits your mood, occasion and personality.

When it comes to color, opt for pretty nudes, black tones, teal, purple, royal blue, turquoise, gold, gunmetal, black, red tones especially wine, green, pink and an array of other autumnal hues, so go simple or mash-up your favorite tones to create a one of a kind multi-chromatic nail art design.

As far as the coolest nail art patterns, the possibilities are vast, but to make things easier for you we’ve selected the most popular ones that you should definitely experiment with. One of the nail art designs that will surely make your digits steal the spotlight this season is given by asymmetric motifs. 

Symmetry is no longer the only way to go as the more edgy and different the design, the more eye catching the effect, so dare to get creative with your nails and sport a different nail color or a different motif on every nail, every other nail or the index and/or the thumbs as either way the result will be spectacular. Choose cool color-blocking effects, use rhinestones to get the nails all blinged-up, go for cool glitter details or hand-painted details to get your digits looking fabulous as there are numerous ways to achieve a stylish asymmetric mani.

Because the fashion scene has a great influence over the nail art scene, you can be certain that some of the trendiest patterns will also be found in the nail art world. This fall pretty graphic prints, from cool florals to stylish paisley prints any graphic detail that is flawlessly created on the perfect autumnal nail color can do wonders for your overall look, so get your digits looking hypnotic by experimenting with the hottest seasonal prints.

Creating sophisticated nail art designs requires plenty of effort, but you can cheat your way to fabulous looking nails by turning towards the help of nail art stickers and Konad stamps as they deliver instant, perfect results without barely any effort.

The honeys that feel most comfortable sporting a simpler nail art design can turn towards color blocking and needle nail art designs as they are not only easy to create, they also look fabulous. Cool stripes can easily be created using tape or a nail art brush if you’ve got a steady hand while needle nail art which create marbled effects can be easily created using a nail art needle. 

Apply dots of your fave nail polish hues on your nail and use the nail art tool to mix the hues to perfection. Underline the transition line between the hues using a contrasting nail polish hue or glitter and seal the design using a clear top coat to give the hues an intense shine that will make heads turn!

Photos courtesy of Marins-Nail