Minx nails are the hottest new thing today when it comes to nail art and there are a variety of cool Minx designs to choose from. Check out the following cool Minx nails and determine which design suits your style best!

It seems that Minx nails are one of the hottest trends of the moment and there are a variety of cool Minx nail art designs to choose from. This means say goodbye to boring nail polish designs and hello to fabulous Minx nails!

So what are these Minx nails?
Minx nails are basically a colored film which if subjected to the heat given off by a heat lamp adhere to the nails, giving you the instant cool look you have longed for. The coloration and designs of the Minx nails vary widely, making the possibilities endless. This means you will always find a cool Minx nail art design to suit your style.
The best thing by far after the vast coloration and designs available is that after application Minx nails do not require any drying time. Once the Minx nail technician has applied the Minx nails, as these nails need to be created by a specialist, you are good to go!

Minx nails not only last on your nails for about two weeks if taken care of properly, they are also have no negative effects over the nails as they allow the nail to breath and the application process does not use any chemicals. This means you will be able to enjoy your fabulous nails without affecting the health of your nails.

You can choose to apply Minx nails on all nail lengths as the Minx films are long and can be shaped to suit any nail length from long to short regardless of the nails shape. Select the Minx nails design which appeals to you most and experiment with different designs. You can choose to mix and match your Minx nails so you have a different design on each nail polish.

Their shiny finish, fabulous vivid coloration and perfect design will draw a great amount of attention towards your nails, so everyone will observe your great manicure!
The removal process couldn't be easier so why not give Minx nails a try. A variety of celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Fergie, Katie Perry, Jordin Sparks and many more seem to love Minx nails as they flaunted their fabulous Minx nails at photo shoots, videos as well as on the red carpet.
Do give these nails a try and see if they suit your style!

Photos via minxnails.com