The competition is intensifying when it comes to creating the most mind-blowing nail art designs. Japan is one of the leading countries who managed to line up a fabulous repertoire of manicures envisioned by aspiring manicurists. These nail models serve as real milestones when it comes to application techniques and sculpting.

Those who are fond of the cutest prints and patterns should definitely take a closer look at the cool Japanese nail art trends 2012 presented in our review. Take a bow in front of the gorgeous nail design parade offered by Ami Manabe on her beauty blog, called Aminail. Learn from the best and feel free to live out your wildest nail art fantasies.

Japanese Nail Art Japanese Nail Art Japanese Nail Art Japanese Nail Art

It would be indeed difficult to sum up the most impressive nail design trends for next year. However, it’s a fact that beauticians will encourage you to unleash your experimental side and come up with brand new mani ideas everyone can admire and copycat.

Set foot in the world of the alluring Japanese nail art by experimenting with some of these impressive designs. Use your painting skills and a well-equipped kit to wow your friends with a dazzling New Year’s Eve manicure. Grab a versatile nail polish collection which includes your favorite shades. Incorporate the various tones into a fabulous composition to bring out the most of your nail length and skin tone.

Japanese Nail Art Japanese Nail Art Japenese Nail Art Japanese Nail Art

Decorate your nails with fimo, stickers or glitter and enjoy your mani loaded with a flirty personality. Use only high quality tools that save you from a beauty meltdown regardless of the event you’re preparing for. Pay your tribute to Hello Kitty or you can also experiment with a myriad of lovely images worthy of applying on your nails. Prepare the canvas and start the ultimate transformation right now.

Japanese Nail Art Hello Kitty Nail Art Japanese Nail Art Japanese Nail Art

Image courtesy of Ami Manabe