Girls, this year is all about pretty perfect looking nails that exude energy through color, so grab-a-hold of your favorite seasonal nail lacquers and let your imagination take you on a fun journey through the enchanting world of nail art. There are so many options when it comes to nail art, it’s amazing; you can find simple designs, sophisticated designs, fun-girly designs as well as glamorous designs, so that you can express your feelings through your nail art choice. If you’re oozing energy, you definitely have to give the following colorful party nail art ideas a try as they are meant to exude energy, style and basically match the good mood you’re bringing.

The following nail art designs created by Ayanole vary in style, but at the base they are all just a cocktail of trendy pastels and pretty reds, colors that are uber-popular this season, mashed-up to unveil a cool and flirty style that suits teens as well as young women in their 20s and 30s. Explore the cool manicures below and dare to recreate your favorite looks.

Hearts, kisses as well as other hand-painted/stamped on details are incredibly eye catching, making them perfect ingredients for a successful party manicure recipe. The possibilities when it comes to design are limitless as you can mash-up the details to achieve a different look featuring a different color every time you desire. When it comes to nail art designs, whether simple or packed with graphic details, symmetry is not a requirement, so you can choose to spice up the look of the design as you desire and not take into account the details you created on the previous digits. Keep in mind however that if you’re preparing to layer the colors and you’re not looking for a marbled design, wait until the base nail polish is dry before you proceed to layer it with your favorite contrasting color nail lacquers.

If you’re not crazy about ‘heavy’ detailed nail art designs, you can still give your nails a super stylish, colorful, party-ready look by choosing to experiment with ombre effects, pretty stripes and polka dots. Choose to pamper your nails to perfection using pretty pastels and nudes as these hues are also incredibly popular and will make sure you look trendy and proud sporting your new manicure.

For the ladies who love to get glammed-up, an array of rhinestones and glitter flecks await your touch. These nail art accessories make all the difference when it comes to the nails even if you’re sporting a simple, monochrome nail color or if you’re donning a color blocking pattern. To ensure you achieve the right result, make sure you seal the rhinestones you applied on wet nail polish or using nail glue, with a clear top coat. Any nail art design will look better (unless you’re using a matte nail polish) and last longer once you seal it with a top coat, so give your favorite styles a try and let your nails be the center of attention at every party.