It is a well known fact that a stylish manicure can enhance your beauty and style. As little as the nails are, as great the nails’ importance, this is why most women get their nails done as often as they can. The summer season is here and colorful nail art ideas for summer are more than welcome as choosing a cute design from the vast variety of nail art designs is not easy.

This summer pastels seem to be quite popular in fashion as well as in nail art due to the fact that pastels have a warm and bright coloration, perfect for the summer season. There are a variety of new techniques available meant to allow new and fabulous designs to be created. You can choose to create your own colorful nail art design or turn to a professional nail salon for a more complicated, professional nail art design. To help you choose right when it comes to your colorful nail art design try to inspire yourself from the following colorful nail art ideas for summer.

Colorful flower designs Flowers are very popular this summer and it’s easy to understand wh, flowers exude femininity and they are a symbol of the spring/summer season, allowing you to get a very stylish look. There are a variety of flower designs you can create on your nails from tiny, simple ones to complicated enlarged flowers. The flowers can be created using different size paint brushes for more complicated designs and a simple toothpick for simple, dotted flowers. The coloration of the flowers can vary widely, you can choose any color to create the flower designs, but pastels look best this summer.

flower nails nail art

Neon French tips Colorful neon colors look great and are going to be very popular this summer. Applying a neon colored nail polish on the tip of your nails can create a very fun and simple manicure which will definitely be perfect for summer. Neon pink looks fabulous as well as violet, but you can also go for neon blue, yellow, green, red, etc.

Creating this type of manicure is not difficult and you can use French nail guide strips if you are going for a homemade manicure.

red french nails neon french tip nails

Glittery nails Glitter is fabulous and can offer your nails the glamor they need. There are a variety of colors when it comes to glitter, so you can choose from subtle colors to neons.

Glitter looks fabulous and it can be used to cover all the nail or just the tip. Colorful glitter combinations can also be performed if you are looking for a more sophisticated design or for a more simplistic look you can choose a glittery French tip. Choose neon pink, yellow, blue, green, lavender, violet, whatever color comes to your mind!

glitter nails glitery neon nails glitter nail art nail art