With so many nail art techniques and designs out there, it would be a shame not to take advantage of their style defining properties especially since a perfect looking manicure has become a must-have for the modern woman.

There are numerous cool and colorful nail art ideas that you can turn towards to get in sync with the trends, but browsing through such a vast mass of nail art designs can be quite time-consuming.

If you’re looking for some trendy nail art designs that will ooze style and exude freshness, take a peek at the following colorful nail art selection and draw inspiration for your next mani session.

Create identical designs or add your own touch to the nail art so you can achieve a totally new look that is still trendy but is also unique.

The trendiest nail polish hues this year are pretty pastels as well as elegant nudes, so if you’re ready to underline your fashion forward personality, gather your most beloved warm toned nail polish hues.

Creamy textures with a high shine finish are the best nail lacquers to choose this year, so mash-up your favorite colors to create cool multi-chromatic nail art designs.

Because simply lacquered nails don’t have that glam factor that makes heads turn, choose to spice up a few digits with a cool and sophisticated nail art effects such as marbled effects or color blocking patterns.

 Achieving a marbled nail art design can be super easy, all you need is a glass of water in which you’ll drip your fav nail lacquers which you’ll then mash-up before dipping the nail parallel to the water’s surface to have the design adhere to the nail. Other techniques involve the use of a nail art needle or a sponge.

A cool color blocking design can be achieved using precision stokes, nail art brushes or scotch tape, so give all the techniques a try to find the one that you can master without too much fuss.

This is a trend that we’ve mentioned numerous times, so if you’re looking for a trendy, romantic and ultra feminine nail art design, floral nail art is the perfect style to try. There are so many floral motifs to experiment with you won’t have to wear the same design twice, so go for the flowers you feel represent you, style them in your favorite color using your favorite techniques. For simple flowers you can use a nail dotting tool or a toothpick if you don’t have one and dot in a circular pattern until you’ve created a circle out of spaced dots. Apply a different color dot in the middle and voil√†! If however you’re all about sophisticated designs, acrylic paint and various pro nail art brushes in the hands of a pro nail art tech can do wonders for your nails creating amazing almost realistic floral motifs, so turn towards a pro if you’re looking for a high visual impact nail art! Stamps, dry flowers and stickers also pose as a fuss-free way to fab floral nails, so test all the techniques and find the one that works best for you.

Chic, trendy and easy to create, striped nails are a perfect option for the honeys that want to obtain edgy, high-impact nail art designs. To create stylish stripes all you need is a precision brush or, for flawless results a bit of tape which you’ll apply over the nail after applying a base coat in the color you desire. Tape the nail leaving equal openings and paint over the tape using a contrasting color nail polish. Remove the tape gently before the polish dries and seal with a clear top coat to get an impeccable, high shine striped mani. Give your nails a touch of glamor using glitter and other trendy add-ons such as rhinestones as they can instantly make your mani even hotter, so experiment and discover the best colorful nail art designs to complete your style as your options are limitless!

Photos courtesy of Asterism-Tomioka