If you’re one of those girls who doesn’t fear color, you’re going to love the following color mix nail art designs as they are absolutely fabulous. Nail art designs are meant to help complete your stylish appearance and thankfully there are so many designs out there to choose from, it’s crazy! Why wear the same nail art design over and over again, when you can experiment with an array of sexy statement nail art designs that will turn you into a nail art diva, so check out the following designs signed Coco Nail and draw inspiration for your manicures.

A nail art design that features a multitude of hues and/or which displays various nail art accessories exudes sophistication, but that doesn’t make the styling process a hassle. The new techniques make nail art a fun, recreational art through which you can express your mood, style and preferences, so dare to be bolder, learn the latest tricks in the business and pull out the ‘ace up your sleeve’ every time you feel like it.

Bold patterns featuring fabulous seasonal hues, whether pretty pastels, neons or nudes, can be a great choice for nail art enthusiasts who wish to make a statement. The more intense the nail lacquer and the higher the contrast between the hues the better and more visible the result will be, so dare to mash-up your favorite nail polish hues to create a delightful, multi-tonal nail art design. Marbled effect nails, random splashes of color, stripes or simple color blocking can help make your nails look unbelievably hot, so experiment with every detail that catches your eye. The trick to achieving a fab color mix mani is to wait until the nail color has dried (unless you’re doing a marbled design) before layering a contrasting color as if not, the hues will blend and the result will not be the one you’re aiming for.

Nothing is over the top girls when it comes to nail art this year and nail art accessories look amazing and can spice up the look of your manicure in an instant. Turn to fab nail art stickers or Konad stamps even nail art foils and get your nails to the spectacular level you want them to be without barely putting-in an effort.

If you’re not too enthusiastic about intense color mixes, you could opt to create a glamorous yet softer, much more romantic and feminine manicure by playing with colorful gems, rhinestones and other accessories that you can find and apply them over a clear, nude, soft pastel or white nail varnish. The possibilities are endless, so go wild with your manicure and let your nails accentuate your unique, fashion-forward style!