This year nail polish has made it to the top of the must have list in fashion, so if you’re all about following the latest trends, you definitely have to make sure your nails are pampered to perfection at all times. 

The satisfaction you get from fabulous looking nails that steal plenty of compliments is worth every effort deposited into doing your own nails, so get inspired and give your nails a party-chic makeover with these chic summer nail art ideas signed Blanka-Blanka.

The need for stylish nail art designs that fall far from average has helped develop an array of techniques that offer amazing results with a minimal effort, so make sure you have an ace up your sleeve by mastering these techniques that will make DIY nail art a super fun experience.

Color Mix Nail Art

Simple colored nails look good but if it’s fabulousness you’re looking for, you need to opt for more sophisticated looking styles. Sophisticated looking doesn’t necessarily mean hard to obtain as the following nail art techniques demonstrate that with the right tools and a bit of practice you can give your nails a super chic look with barely any effort. Marbled effects and color mix nail art designs are easy to create and pack a high dose of sophistication, so grab a cup of room temperature water, gather your favorite nail polishes and dip a couple of drops in the water. The nail polish will quickly disperse on the water’s surface, so use a toothpick to gently mix the colors to obtain a cute marbled effect over which you’ll dunk your nail over while holding the nail parallel to the surface of the water to ensure a perfect adherence of the design. Another great way to spice up your mani is to apply the nail polish hues directly on the nail and use a nail art needle to mix the hues together, thus creating a stylish color mix design that works fabulous when intercalated with monochrome colored nails.

Cute Graphic Details

Another great way to update your manicure while still maintaining a high dose of flirty chicness is to opt for stylish graphic details such as polka dots which are super popular this summer as well as frosted nail effects as well as fruit or floral details. The possibilities are endless and you can easily achieve a stylish many by using a dotting tool for the dots, acrylic or even simple nail polish for the fruit and floral details or stickers and stamps if you’re looking for the easiest way to stylish looking nail art.

Animal Print and Color Blocking Details

Other graphic details that pack the same dose of seductiveness and style are animal prints and color blocking details which will surely not allow your nails to go by unnoticed. With a steady hand you can easily create these designs but you can also turn towards scotch tape to help you create perfect lines between the layers of color for color blocking and nail art stamps and stickers to create stylish animal print motifs in your favorite color combination. Experiment and you’ll manage to give your nails a stylish appearance whenever you’ll desire without having to turn to expensive manicure sessions.