A fabulous manicure is highly important for the modern woman of today as flawlessly lacquered nails can instantly complete the look of an outfit, taking it from chic to amazing, so no wonder that the nail art scene met an incredible boom.

The vast array of chic nail art designs provide endless options when it comes to underlining style, personality and mood, so if you’re looking to underline your style, take a peek at the following chic fall season nail art designs.

Choosing the trendiest nail polish hues is a must if you wish to give your nails an up-to-date look with your manicure and this season with the most popular shades.

Dusky shades such as dusky pink, green, midnight blue, all neutrals, fabulous reds and black, but other vivacious hues such as gold and bright pink are also a perfect option to consider, so use your favorite shades to create numerous chic nail art designs, such as the following.

A stylish motif created using a contrasting nail polish hue on your favorite base nail color can definitely take your nails out of the ordinary and the chicest and easiest motifs that you can turn towards this fall are animal prints and marbled effects. 

The right technique can help create fabulous and easy marbled or animal print motifs on your nails, so use a nail art brush to create stylish random C shapes for the animal prints and use a nail art needle or a sponge to mash-up your favorite contrasting nail polish hues to showcase the most amazing marbled effect nails.

This season the latest fashion trends have placed a heavy accent on pretty graphic motifs such as interesting lines or color blocking patterns. A little bit of tape and your favorite nail art pigments are all you need to create the most hypnotic nail art designs, so get creative and put together a cool multi-chromatic graphic nail art that suits your style.

If you’re more of a simple type of gal, but still want to keep your nails out of the boring zone, you can choose to play with glitter, with asymmetric patterns or with cool and flirty floral motifs. You don’t have to go wild with the patterns or with the nail art accessories as the tiniest details will make all the difference. Seal your fabulous nail art with a clear top coat so you can enjoy your perfectly polished, ultra shiny nail art for longer!

Photos courtesy of Starry’s Nail