It’s just amazing how much a simple touch of one of the trendiest nail polishes can transform the look of your digits and enhance your style to perfection, so no wonder that a lovely manicure has become essential for true beauty and style enthusiasts. There are numerous chic nail art ideas to draw inspiration from, but if you’re looking for the most popular ones, take a peek at the following selection of nail art designs and recreate your favorite looks as they are all hot.

The simplest tools you can think of can help get your nails party-ready every time you wish, all while cutting back from the skill level usually required to create sophisticated looking designs. Master these techniques and you’ll surely become the nail envy of every one of your friends.

A nail art needle, a nail art brush and a sponge can do wonders for your digits especially if you know how to put them to good use. A marbled effect or a color blocking pattern can make your nails a magnet for attention without having to put too much effort into detailing the nail to perfection. 

When using the nail art needle, apply the contrasting nail polish hues you prefer in tiny dots directly on the nail and then use the needle to mash-up the colors to reveal a fab marbled style. 

On the other hand, when you sponge your nails to perfection, apply the nail polishes on a non absorbent piece of paper before you proceed to dabbing a tiny piece of sponge into the color and then transferring it to the nail by tapping the color on the nail bed. Use contrasting hues and layer colors on top of another to achieve a fab multi-chromatic manicure with no fuss. A nail art brush and a detailing brush can help achieve numerous fab nail art designs including color blocking patters, so get abstract with your nails as your options are limitless.

We’ve blabbed about how polka dots and animal prints dominated the fashion scene this year, however these fab prints haven’t only conquered the fashion podiums but the nail at scene also, so if you want to underline your fashion-forward style, choose to give these fab patterns a try. Get romantic with pretty polka dots in colorful glitter or monochrome nail polish as there are so many fab colors and polka dot sizes to experiment with, it’s amazing! Bring out your inner wild side by experimenting with fabulous animal prints, whether leopard print or reptilian patterns as they are all hot. Keep the nails colored in realistic colors or spice up the design by playing with innovative, trendy nail lacquers and nothing should stand in the way of your fashionable manicure!

If you’re not a fan of edgy looking manicures or if you’re just a fan of simple nails, try to keep your nails looking interesting using a gorgeous floral nail art design. There are numerous techniques to turn towards so you can still have plenty of fun while revamping the look of your nails, so experiment and find the technique that works best for you. Go for acrylic flowers, hand painted flowers, dry flowers, nail art stickers, floral stamps, you name it as either way your nails will look gorgeous. If you’re addicted to French manicure, style-up the look of your elegant digits using rhinestones as the glam effect delivered by these tiny glistening accessories is amazing. Add-ons come in so many shapes, sizes and colors, you’ll be able to create a different look every time, so get creative and let your nails ooze fabulousness from day to evening!

Photos courtesy of EnvyNail