Add extra sparkle to your new season look by rocking one of the hottest manicure designs of the moment. These chic autumn nail art ideas were envisioned by Cucumpear and you’ll find lots of inspiring ideas on her oh-so-popular beauty blog, the CucumPear’s Onyx Phalanx.

It’s not a must to copycat all these manicure trends, however you can still spot the visual impact of the most versatile color combination ideas. Work with a rich color palette to make sure you don’t miss the hottest nail color trends.

Polka Dot Nail Art Purple Nail Art Purple Nail Art Blue Nail Art

Raid the stores for the newest nail polish collections of your favorite beauty brands. Pack your mani kit with basic tools that help you pull off some of these complex or on the contrary super-simple manicures. Banish monotony with a colorful and eye-catching nail color that suits the various events and your overall appearance. Celebs are also mesmerized by the loveliest patterns and prints that can turn a manicure into a statement accessory. Polka dots, stripes and extra details as glitter and stickers all offer you the opportunity to be funky with your look.

Colorful Nail Art Brown Nail Art Plaid Nail Art Yellow Nail Art

Learn a thing or two about the newest nail painting techniques from this rising nail artist. Proceed step by step until you’ll be able to come up with unique nail designs that match your nail shape and length. Welcome the girly gorgeous manicure trends with open arms and make sure to guarantee the long-lasting hold of your polish by working only with high street formulas.

Pastel Nail Art Green Nail Art

Image courtesy of CucumPear’s Onyx Phalanx blog