Just like the fashion, hair and makeup scene, the nail art scene is also constantly reinvented through the use of new colors, techniques and designs that aim to boost beauty and style. A perfect looking manicure is essential for the ladies that aim for perfection and elegance and since a true fashionista never underestimates the power of perfectly colored digits, we’ve prepared a selection of chic and simple nail art designs that you can browse through to get inspiration for your next mani.

A modern nail design that matches your personality can do wonders for your overall appearance and style, so no wonder that women are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on monthly mani&pedi sessions, but if you’re willing to save a few bucks while still rising to the top of the nail art trend-meter, you can opt for DIY nail art designs. The following chic and simple nail art ideas are easy to create and require a low to medium skill level to be created, so if you’re ready to give your nails a total low cost style-over, check out these stylish designs and try to recreate your fav looks.

Seasonal as well as timeless classic tones are always a great option when it comes to choosing the color of your manicure. Each season, a vast number of hues make their presence felt in the beauty scene, but if you wish to ensure you’re making the right choice without having to turn towards flashy nails, you can always experiment with pretty pastels and nude nail polish. Nude nails are HOT, HOT, HOT! especially if you add a contrasting color whether it’s a simple line, a few dots, some glitter or even some cool stickers to make your nails more fun. An easy to achieve nail art design that is glamorous yet non-challenging and fun is created using glitter. This year glitter gained plenty of terrain in favor of matte or glossy nail polishes, so apply a bit of glitter over a clear top coat and be amazed by the result: fuss-free fab nails in seconds!

A nail polish design created using modern hues such as pistachio, vanilla, lemon, pink, purple or turquoise cannot fail your expectations. These nail polish hues are in top demand and compliment most skin tones due to their warm pigmentation, making them a perfect choice for all women. These ageless hues can be mixed and matched to perfection, so try not to opt for a simple monochrome nail art and add a bit of a soft twist to your digits by creating a frosted effect or a half-moon manicure on your index and/or ring fingers. Symmetry is out, so dare to be a bit more daring while still maintaining that high dose of elegance that defines you.

Certain add-ons such as glitter, nail art stickers, rhinestones or any other 3D accessories that you can find in nail supply stores and online can make DIY nail art designs so much more fun. These products have been created for those who are not skilled at doing their own nails, those who are seeking perfection or those that wish to save time when doing their nails, so dare to give a few products a try when it comes to your nails as it’s amazing what a bit of glitter drizzled over wet polish, a few rhinestones set in the polish or some floral nail art stickers can do for your nails. Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, so revamp your style and learn how to maintain your digits looking fab every season.

Photos via Little-nail