The vast variety of nail polishes available today can be easily displayed on the digits to polish a look to perfection, so if you’re ready for an upgrade to fabulous, check out the following chic and easy  nail art designs and draw inspiration for your next oh-so-trendy mani.

Perfectly polished digits that ooze sophistication and style don’t have to come with sweat as there are numerous chic and easy nail art designs to experiment with even if you’re not too skilled when it comes to DIY nail art.

The numerous nail art techniques, tools and nail varnish hues out there enable you to get creative and achieve a myriad of unique nail art designs that complete your outfit each season.

Since pretty prints are a magnet for attention a stylish hypnotic print nail art design featuring cool graphic lines, color blocking or marbled effects can be a perfectly chic option to upgrade your nails to perfection.

Layered, graphic nail polishes can easily be achieved using a tape applied over dried nail polish while a cool marbled style can be created using a nail art needle.

 The colors applied are mixed using the nail art needle in the desired pattern while the nail polish is still wet, so get started and mash-up your favorite nail polish hues.

Glitz and glamor dominated the runway this season, so no wonder that nail polish designers went wild with glitter this season. From soft and subtle shimmers to oversized glitter flakes, the new nail polishes can definitely give your digits and instant touch of elegance. So, if you want to make your nail art design shine, make sure you infuse a bit of glitter. Opulence and symmetry are two details that you shouldn’t stay away from this season, so go bold and enhance as monochrome or a duo chromatic nail polish design featuring simple hand-painted floral motifs or mashed-color patterns by adding a bit of glitter. Go bold by glittering-up all the nails or go soft and chic by adding glitter on just one or every other finger.

This year the return of timeless, classic tones such as nude, black, red and gold has attracted a generous amount of attention, so dare to experiment with these chic and elegant hues displayed in a lovely mono or multi-chromatic pattern such as a French tip mani, a cool half moon manicure or a simple floral print or animal print nail art as these styles will take just minutes to create with the right tools. Seal your fab new nail art using a clear top coat and let your nails do the magic at any event!

Photos courtesy of Museelax