The fall season is all about letting loose and testing new terrain when it comes to style and one of the details that should not be missed is your manicure. 

There are numerous bold and chic nail art ideas to test and use as inspiration, it’s crazy, and it seems that this apparently small detail, your manicure, can have an immense impact over your overall look and style.

Heavy embellishments and bold accents have been uber popular on the catwalk this fall, so obviously this is where the need for bold and chic nail art designs comes from, as an edgy looking outfit needs to be paired with an equally statement making nail art. 

Fortunately, the variety of nail polish colors, nail accessories and tools enable nail art enthusiasts to push the boundaries when it comes to innovation every time, so get creative and take your nails into the spotlight every time by sporting the chicest mani styles.

Gold and silver add-ons, whether tiny pearls or geometrical pattern nail art accessories, are the most popular to turn towards and achieve spectacular, eye catching results without too much fuss. These nail art details can be easily applied on wet nail polish or over your fave dry nail color over which you’ve applied a clear top coat, to ensure that the color doesn’t smudge in case you need to realign the add-ons applied. Crosses, stars, dots and abstract patterns are the most popular designs, so choose to give all these patterns a try to determine which ones suit you best. For a bit of an extra visual kick, add a bit of glitter on your ring and/or thumb to bring out even more the edgy allure of your nails.

Bedazzled nails look amazing and have a certain glamor that makes them irresistible. There are so many options when it comes to the use of pretty gems, rhinestones and glitter all mashed up onto your nails using a high contrasting base color applied all over the nail, in a French-manicure style, a half moon pattern or any other pattern that you could think of. The details look best when applied heavily on one or two fingers rather that all the nails, but if you’re all about opulence, you can go ahead and let your imagination run wild as the sky is the limit when it comes to glitz and glamor this season.

If you’re searching for a nail art design that is still chic and eye catching but still has a bit of a more casual allure, pretty geometrical patterns and flirty animal prints, mostly leopard prints are the way to go. While polka dots and animal prints don’t require too much skill to be created, pretty plaids, paisley prints or other similar details might require a bit of practice. In this case you can choose the easy way to fab nails by turning towards easy to use Konad stamps or stickers. Get wild and create bold and chic nail art designs that match your personality so you can be labeled the nail art queen at any event!

Photos courtesy of Sanoshingo