Let’s face it, for a truly stunning back to school look you need the perfect manicure. However, choosing the best back to school nail art can be a drag, especially if you’re not sure what counts as school appropriate nail art

Here are some great manicure tips and back to school nail art ideas to make you look chic with minimum effort.

Simple Back to School Nails

1. File and trim regularly

To keep your nails in the desired shape, you should file and trim consistently, using sharp manicure scissors and a fresh emery board.

2. Moisturize

Nails are sensitive to drying, so, to keep them healthy, you should moisturize them, especially after using nail polish remover.

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3. Careful application

Whenever applying new products, read the instructions attentively and proceed with care, to avoid unwanted accidents, especially as most nail art kits do not come with extras.

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Back to School Nail Art Ideas

1. French manicure

French manicure is the perfect choice if you prefer a classic look and a safe style of nail art for school. If you’re not very handy with manicure, you can use a nail care tip kit (you can try Pretty Woman’s version or Red Carpet Manicure’s French Manicure kit). Apply the tip guide over clean and dry nails, and the white highlight liner over the nail tip. Apply the desired shade of nail polish. Once the polish has dried, carefully remove the tip guide and apply a top coat for a smoother finish.

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2. 3D Stickers

3D stickers are an ideal choice as back to school nail art ideas go, as they are very easy to apply and provide a wide range of creative designs. Apply the sticker on completely dried polish, and push it down, so that there are are no creases. Apply a top coat to ensure a lasting, glossy finish.

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Feel like trying bolder back to school nail art ideas? Stones and gems are a great way to give your nails some glitz. Apply polish and, before it dries, place the stones onto your nails. Allow time to dry, ensuring that the stones stay in place. For a smooth and shiny finish, apply a top coat of polish.

School Nail Art

4. Faded glitter

For a truly chic manicure, try the faded glitter nail art effect, a great choice for back to school, especially when done in your school’s colors. Red Carpet Manicure’s Tips & Tricks kit provides a step-by-step guide on how to create the faded look, which gives a stylish appearance to your manicure without coating your entire nail with glitter. 

Photos via: Nutoa Nail, Lady Bubbles/Pinterest