Don’t miss the chance to put your nail painting skills to a fab test with these gorgeous in-salon manicure designs. It’s amazing how these amazing new nail art ideas can perk up your look in an instant.

Be one of the rising trendsetters who experiments with a selection of manis which encourage the use of an unlimited color palette and oh-so-fab prints. If you think you’ve got what it takes to start your manicurist career, draw some inspiration from these voguish manicure designs offered by the hyper-lovely Nail Salon Daisy.

Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Depending on what sort of mood you are in, pick your favorite simple or more complex nail designs and start the makeover. Use a high street nail kit teamed up with a fabulous selection of nail polish shades. Consider your skin tone and your nail length when choosing the most flattering colors. Dark nail varnish shades will attract immediate attention when applied on long nails. On the other hand, light candy hues are perfect if you want your manicure to complement and not to suppress the visual impact of your overall appearance. Don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit with polka dots, animal prints and oh-so-simple-to-draw stripes.

Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Multi-tonal nail designs are perfect if you’re simply tired by the plain look of monochromatic manicures. Go for the seasonal print and color trends if you want to stay up-to-the-minute with the newest fashion tendencies. Snow flakes, Christmas trees and glittery details are perfect for the winter holiday season. Tribal and leopard prints will be perfect to anticipate the arrival of the sunny season which encourages you to sport bright and bold nail styles. Skim through these faddish manicure ideas to switch things up a bit in your beauty regime.

Lovely Nail Art Lovely Nail Art

Image courtesy of Nail Salon Daisy