Besides updating your wardrobe, it is also important to stay on trend with the newest manicure designs. Springtime nail art is colorful, flirty and ultra-modern! Add a touch of color to your blooming season look with these alluring spring nail art ideas. Steer clear of a monotonous and limited color palette to make sure you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Browse through these inspiring manicure examples offered by Harmony Nail before starting your beauty update.

Use fabulous accessories like nail jewelries, studs or fimo details to pull off statement-making nail art styles which complement your casual or party-perfect looks. Combine different nail polish shades depending on your preferences. Dial down loud and proud shades with a shimmery top coat or use a neutral color base to sport an office-appropriate still head-turning manicure. Consider all your nail painting options and don’t forget to draw inspiration from similar artsy nail designs.

Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art Spring Nail Art

Professional nail artists urge you to kiss goodbye to your boring winter look and start a new page in your beauty diary. Experiment with technicolor manicure designs to break out of your boring shell. Discover the fun of mix and matching different nail polish shades from neon tones to pastels and classy neutrals. Think of this beauty project as the best way to take your nail painting skills to the next level.

Contribute to the evolution of the nail industry by inventing brand new painting techniques. There’s no need to pay for expensive classes to rock a perfectly polished manicure design. The web is packed with tutorials you can watch to learn the basics of nail decoration. Take special care of your nails and use a well-equipped kit each time you want to sculpt your nails. See these amazing nail designs you can also wear for both special and casual events.

Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas

Radiate a cool and confident style attitude by sporting floral, polka dot or animal print nail designs. Take a look at these easy-to-wear manicures everyone can pull off without sweating. Glitter, pearls and graphic prints turn these nail art styles into statement accessories. You won’t be disappointed by the stand-out visual impact these manis can create. Start the nail painting session by selecting your favorite nail varnish shades. Then proceed to the next level and apply a few fun prints on the base coat. Tiny dots, floral elements and color blocks dominate the trends of the season. Use them as the best tools to celebrate the sunny weather.

Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas Spring Nail Art Ideas