Get creative with your nails and start playing with various new season nail art ideas as the 2012 summer season sheds light on an array of fabulous, sophisticated and simple nail art designs that are bound to make traffic stop. Let your imagination run wild and upgrade the style of your digits with the trendiest patterns and the hottest nail lacquers as there are plenty of motifs and hues to choose from, making the possibilities limitless.

Nail art enthusiasts have contributed greatly to the development of new season nail art designs, so draw inspiration from these designs as they pose as an oasis of inspiration for style seekers. To make your quest for perfect, party-ready nails easier, we’ve put together a selection of fabulous nail art designs created by talented nail art blogger Pinky-Nail, so check them out and draw inspiration for your next, uber-trendy manicure.

Clashing colors, pretty pastels or vibrant neons look amazing alltogether and can help give life to innovative textures and designs that attract attention instantly. The possibilities are endless, so go for soft color combos or bold, statement color mixes to achieve an eclectic look, as this new season anything goes. Choose to get creative with your nails and play with glitter and various nail art accessories as well as hand-painted details as these details can make all the difference when it comes to your mani.

Graphic designs, fabulous glittered nails and pretty add-ons can help your nails take the spotlight at any event, so if you’re all about ‘look at me’ styles, choose to go bold with details. You can still maintain a sexy, feminine look by choosing to experiment with pretty floral add-ons which you can create using a special acrylic powder or you can glue prefabricated 3D flowers on, depending on personal preference. If you’re all about edgy details, you can choose to add glitter and creative, flashy details that make your manicure look unique.

If you’re all about simplicity and elegance, a nude nail polish hue or a pretty soft pink nail color will do, so make sure you pick out your favorite tones. Keep the design simple or give it a more chic, flirty and funnier vibe by adding pretty floral motifs on, fab Hello Kitty add-ons as well as rhinestones. Mix and match your favorite colors and accessories and discover new nail art designs that suit your style and mood perfectly!