As all delicate procedures it is important to create the perfect conditions to have the desired success. Our nails can suffer due to various external factors, therefore it is crucial to follow some basic principles both to learn how to remove acrylic nails by preserving the area neat and spotless. Using the best tools as well as beauty products is the secret to a dazzling result. Therefore grab your manicure kit and have the following items at hand:

Nail Clipper

Petroleum Jelly

Nail Polish Remover

Medium Bowl

Nail Filer

Nail Buffer


First and foremost it is essential to trim down the nails to minimum. Therefore use a nail clipper to do it, keep on with the shortening process with great care and precision. Make sure you won’t hurt your natural nails, appeal to this trick in order to ease the removal of the fake manicure with success.

Pour some nail polish remove into a medium bowl. Opt for products that have an acetone content, these will prove to be strong enough to remove the glue used to attach the nails to the smooth surface.

Apply some petroleum jelly to the skin surrounding the nails in order to protect the area from the harsh effect of chemical ingredients.Those who skip this step might face serious deterioration of the skin due to the drying effect of acetone.

Make sure the petroleum jelly won’t get to the surface of the nails since it can create a protective layer that would harden the removal of the glue. Let your nails soaking in the bowl for at least 15-20 minutes. The nail glue needs time to dissolve since it has to be strong enough to keep the acrylic nails on. Professionals highly advise you to follow the guidelines with great care, both the ones that refer to time as well as circumstances.

After the time is up dry your nails with a soft and smooth towel. The next phase is to peel of the acrylic nails from the softened natural surface. Pay special care to the condition of the glue, if it didn’t soften enough devote more time to soaking your nails in the bowl of remover solution. Your manicure is ready for a similar process if it goes smooth and without any difficulties. Forcing the elimination of acrylic nails might lead to severe consequences.

Furthermore use a soft cloth or a towel to wipe off all the petroleum jelly as well as nail polish remover product for your nails. There are cases when the glue couldn’t be removed perfectly. In this case use a nail buffer to buff off the bumpy surface. This will prove to be both efficient and gentle method to cleanse your nails from any residues.

Finally don’t forget about moisturizing, this will restore the flawless condition of your hands and nails. Use a hand cream with a high amount of vitamins as well as nourishing organic ingredients. Massage the skin around the nails as well as the surface with a similar treatment and make sure you don’t leave out any dry patches. This ritual will prevent the harsh impact of the acetone on your skin.