Essie will be launching a professional gel nails service this October. All signs point to the fact that the gel nail polish trend is here to stay and the brand aims to be a leader in this fast-growing segment. In order to achieve the ambitious goal, the label has made investments in both technology and service, according to Gerald Densk, Essie’s general manager for the professional products division of L’Oréal USA who told WWD that:

“This is our first technology-driven launch into the professional market. Gels are a significant market and they aren’t slowing down. To be a quality player, we have to be in the service that’s getting the most attention, the number-one service in the professional nail arena.”

To achieve the ambitious goal, the brand researched the most common complaints concerning gel nails and attempted to tackle them. As a result, the label focused on solving the most common problem associated with gel nail polishes: weak nails.

The Essie Gel range, which consists of 36 gel nail polish tones aims to deliver not only long lasting shine and an intense color for 14 days straight, but also to strengthen the nails thanks to the keratin technology, the pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E included in the formula. As far as the tones from the new Essie Gel line are concerned, many of the new tones will closely resemble some of the brand’s best selling nail polishes.

Essie Launches Gel Nail Polish

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Sounds impressive so far? Well, it’s about to get better as the accompanying Essie professional LED light device also has some interesting perks compared to the options available on the market today. Gerald Densk explains: “We believe our LED is the best around. It is 25 percent more powerful than its competitors and was designed to offer a consistent curing process across five fingers. We wanted a strong point of difference to propel the brand forward. It wasn’t just about flanking, it was about leapfrogging the competition with innovative technology.”

The service, which can be used for both manicures and pedicures, will consist of a pre-color nail cleanse, a base coat and top coat as well as a 15-minute gel remover and will cost $35. It will be available in nail bars and full-service salons carrying the Essie brand.

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Photos: WWD, Thinkstock