Acrylic nails have been popular since they first came out on the market. Acrylic nails offer beautifully enhanced nails in a variety of colors and designs. The thing that most women wearing acrylic nails don’t know is that infections and fungi can affect our nails if they are not taken care of properly.

Here are some acrylic nail care tips to keep them clean and neat!

always keep your acrylic nails dry because water will cause the acrylic to lift, creating a gap that will house bacteria and fungi. Towel dry your nails every time you go swimming or you wash your hands.

use antibacterial products to wash your hands. This way you can prevent bacteria from forming.

while doing household chores wear a set of rubber gloves.

sanitize your nails with a bit of alcohol every night before you go to bed to kill bacteria. Take a cotton swab, dab it in alcohol and then swab around and under your nails.

if your acrylics get chipped or split, go fix it because the gap provides a moist, warm environment in which bacteria can grow.

don’t keep your acrylic on for very long periods of time to prevent any infections.